One tour per person
Combo Special

Belize Zipline, Lunch And Crystal Cave Tubing

Enjoy flying the canopy on our  Zipline tour and explore the Maya underworld in the Crystal Cave Tubing tour.

DURATION Approx. 4 Hours
  • Zipline five traverses across the jungle, And two across the Caves Branch river.
  • 30 minutes nature hike to the cave.
  • Cave tubing
  • Cave Exploration
  • River float inside the cave.
  • Open River float.
  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Professional Equipment
  • Entrance fees
  • Tips
  • Water Shoe
  •  Cash
  •  Sun protection
  •  Towel
  •  Change of clothes

The Belize Ziplining Adventure (or canopy tour) is one of Belize’s most popular recreational activities for the entire family. Here at Caves Branch Outpost, we take safety as a priority and have implemented safety standards to ensure that ziplining is as fun and safe as a possible. Guests as young as five-year-olds to seniors that still want to feel an adrenalin rush are all welcomed.
Upon arrival at the site you will be fitted with your own safety harness and then briefed on all that you will see and what you can expect while on the tour. The first platform is the icebreaker, a trial run which is 130 ft. long and 10 ft. high for those who are still in doubt. . For the remaining runs the lengths vary from 400ft, 600ft and the longest which is 1000ft crossing over the Caves Branch River. Along the way look out for the Keel Billed Toucan, Collard Aracari, Slated Tailed Trogan or even Curasows(wild turkeys). The Coati Mundis, Gray Fox and even Howler Monkeys are some of the common animal sightings.

Important Notes

• The minimum age requirement is 3 years old
• This tour is not recommended if you are pregnant
• Guests must be fit enough for a moderate jungle hiking
• For your safety you are not allowed to carry any loose objects, such as unstrapped bags, cell phones, camera poles or selfie sticks, or any objects that must be carried in your hands while on the ziplines
• All guests must fit into the safety harness to participate. The maximum waist limit the harness will allow is 46 inches.
• There is no weight limit for this tour

Tubing the Crystal Cave, nestled in the limestone foothills of the Maya Mountains, is a unique experience combining fun while learning something about Belizean rainforests. Revered as the sacred underworld (or Xibalba) of the ancient Maya people that inhabited Belize, caves are often littered with precious antiquities and ceramics that date back to 200 B.C.
Your tour is led by a licensed tour guide, very well trained in first aid and swift water rescue. The tour begins with a leisure walk under the forest canopy leading to the entrance of the cave system. Along the walk the flora and fauna of Belize will be highlighted. The sacred Ceiba and historic Mahogany are among the emergents that soar above the canopy. In addition, many medicinal plants and a few fruit trees line the trail of this natural botanical garden. Occasionally, Black Howler Monkeys or Coati mundis are encountered.
Once we have settled at the cave entrance, we enter the Caves Branch River for a refreshing swim. Next we set off on inflated tubes for an expedition through time and history. Hundreds of stalactite formations decorate the ceiling of Xibalba. Some formations stand out and take familiar shapes such as the American Bald Eagle, a water lily, serpent and a jellyfish, all sculpted by “Mother Nature” and “Father Time”. As we move through the cave system look out for the natural opening in the ceiling known as a cenote or a natural sinkhole. We approach the sinkhole with our lights off to truly appreciate its mystique which was featured by National Geographic magazine.
We emerge from the cave system into the open river and time allows for a bit of swimming and splashing around before a tasty Belize lunch.

Important Notes

  • Guest to guide ratio is 8 guests to 1 guide
  • The minimum height requirement is 40 inches
  • This tour is not recommended if you are pregnant
  • Guests must be fit enough for a moderate jungle hike and swimming

Prices are as follows and can be purchased as an addon when booking your tour.

From San Pedro Ambergris Caye

San Pedro to Nohoch Che’en (RETURN) With Maya Island Air ———$ 149.00 Per Person

San Pedro to Nohoch Che’en  (RETURN) With San Pedro Water Taxi ———-$89.00 Per Person

NOTE: Persons who have purchased their transfer and tours online will be met in San Pedro at either the Maya Island Air terminal or the water taxi terminal and will be issued tickets and vouchers of the day’s activities.

On arrival in Belize City transfers continue to Nohoch Chen Archaeological reserve where Caves Branch Outpost is located. All tours featured by Cave Branch outpost operate in this venue.

From Belize City

Belize City to Nohoch Che’en Archaeological your tour venue——$45.00 us

Person who have purchased their transfer and tours online will be met in ____________________

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