$80.00 $75.00
One tour per person
Combo Special

Extreme Zipline Adv., Lunch And Cave Tubing

Go Extreme Ziplining and then relax yourself  Cave Tubing on the Caves Branch River.

DURATION Approx. 5 Hours
  • Zipline 3 of our regular zipline traverses across the jungle, And 1 across from hill top to hill top.
  • Short Nature Hike
  • Rappel into a dry cave filled Mayan  History and artifacts.
  • Walk over a suspended bridge.
  • Cliff Rappel
  • River Side Nature Hike
  • Cave tubing
  • River float inside the cave.
  • Open River float.
  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Equipment Professional
  • Entrance fees
  • Tips
  • Water Shoe
  •  Cash
  •  Sun protection
  •  Towel
  •  Change of clothes


We combined zip lining, caving and rappelling into one fun heart-pounding adventure to create an experience that you won’t forget.

After a safety briefing, the tour sets off with a short 10-minute hike up the trail that meanders through the foothills of the Maya Mountains, your guide will highlight plants and wildlife as you make your way to the cave site. After descending (rappelling) 30ft into the cave which extends up to 100 ft. around, observe stalagmites and stalactites inching towards each other to someday form a solid column. Look out for cave crickets, cave spiders, centipedes, millipedes, beetles, moths, bats and also birds that nest near the caves entrance. Caves in this area were used by the Maya and clay pots and shards are strewn throughout the cave.  After a 30-minute tour we exit the cave via a rope ladder and move onto to the ziplines. This leads us to an extreme 400ft long, 280ft high zipline from foothill to foothill boasting a great view of the rainforest below. Dismount the zipline on a 125ft rope bridge to get to the rappel site. Now this brings us to the most heart pounding part of the adventure! One final rappel but this time a 200ft drop down a rock face which seems to stop time.

After rappelling a 20-minutes nature walk bring us to a well-deserved tasty Belizean lunch.

Important Notes

  • The minimum height requirement is 42 inches
  • This tour is not recommended if you are pregnant
  • Guests must be fit enough for a moderate jungle hiking
  • For your safety you are not allowed to carry any loose objects, such as unstrapped bags, cell phones, camera poles or selfie sticks, or any objects that must be carried in your hands while on the ziplines
  • All guests must fit into the safety harness to participate.  The maximum waist limit the harness will allow is 46 inches.
  • There is no weight limit for this tour
  • Tour duration for 3 or less guests is 1.5 hours; larger groups will take a bit longer depending on the number of guests

Cave Tubing is a fun, interesting and unique tour that has been Belize’s most popular tour since the mid 90’s. Cave Tubing starts with a leisure walk under the jungle canopy, led by our expert tour guides. Black Howler Monkeys and Coati Mundis are often encountered along the trials. Your guide will point out medicinal plants of significance as you make your way through this natural botanical garden. Upon arrival at the entrance of Xibalba, the Maya underworld, one cannot help but be mesmerized by its beauty. We then relax, take pictures, swim and enjoy the beauty of the karts cave. Next we set off on inflated tubes for an expedition through time and history. Hundreds of stalactite formations decorate the ceiling of the caves. Some formations stand out and take familiar shapes such as the American Bald Eagle, a water lily, serpent and a jellyfish, all sculpted by “Mother Nature” and “Father Time”. As we move through the cave system look out for the natural opening in the ceiling known as a cenote or a natural sinkhole. Expect to see fruit bats, insect bats and false vampire bats, along the journey, as they nest in the ceiling of the caves.

We emerge from the cave system into the open river and time allows for a bit of swimming and splashing around before a tasty Belize lunch.

Important Notes

  • Guest to guide ratio is 8 guests to 1 guide
  • The minimum height requirement is 40 inches
  • This tour is not recommended if you are pregnant
  • Guests must be fit enough for a moderate jungle hike and swimming

Prices are as follows and can be purchased as an addon when booking your tour.

From San Pedro Ambergris Caye

San Pedro to Nohoch Che’en (RETURN) With Maya Island Air ———$ 149.00 Per Person

San Pedro to Nohoch Che’en  (RETURN) With San Pedro Water Taxi ———-$89.00 Per Person

NOTE: Person who have purchased their transfer and tours online will be met in San Pedro at either the Maya Island Air terminal or the water taxi terminal and will be issued tickets and vouchers of the day’s activities.

On arrival in Belize City transfers continue to Nohoch Chen Archaeological reserve where Caves Branch Outpost is located. All tours featured by Cave Branch outpost operate in this venue.

From Belize City

Belize City to Nohoch Che’en Archaeological your tour venue——$45.00 us

Person who have purchased their transfer and tours online will be met in ____________________

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